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2020 Results

Even the 60+ have a bonspiel all of their own at the Fergus Curling Club. The Fergus Curling Club Masters was up for grabs on Feb. 12 and something that is not seen very often in bonspiels happened with the winners of both draws were tied for overall champions with 36 points each. The convenor Sue Graham decided just to have co-champions declared for the day with both champions from the local Fergus Curling Club. There were also teams from Mt.Forest, Orangeville, Listowel, Elmira, Galt competing.

Masters 1
L to R:  second Bruce Hawkins, lead Wilf Christopher, vice-skip Dave Freure, skip John K. Campbell and convenor Sue Graham.

Masters 2L to R: Skip Rick Marshall, vice-skip Frank Stillo, second Andy Maine, lead Lorne Wilson and convenor Sue Graham.

Photo: Bill Longshaw


2018 Results

For those gentlemen over 60 years of age the Fergus Curling Club has a bonspiel for them. Feb. 14 Valentines Day the Giddy Funeral Home bonspiel was held. Teams from Alliston, Guelph, Acton, North Halton, Elmira, Listowel and Palmerston as well as from Orangeville, Mt. Forest and Fergus  competed for the coveted trophy which has been going since 1999.

2018 Giddy Masters

The winning team this year was from the Guelph Curling Club and are L to R: Rick Avery played second, Brian Paccison played vice-skip, George McCaw played lead, and Willie Bacon skip. John Kitching on the left organized the day.

Photo: Bill Longshaw


Giddy Masters Bonspiel
masters logo

2017 Results

Wednesday Feb. 8 was time for the masters of curling to come to the Fergus Curling Club for their annual bonspiel. The Masters Bonspiel has been going for about 20 years and is still going strong. This year saw gentlemen from Guelph, Alliston, Orangeville, Acton, Cambridge, Elmira and Listowel as well as the local club. They played 2 eight end games and the winners from the first draw won the championship by only 1/4 point above the winners of the second draw.

2017 Masters Draw 2

The team who won the second draw was from the Fergus Curling Club L to R: skip Rick Marshall, lead Lorne Wilson, second Dave Roberts and vice-skip John Kitching. Kitching and the gentleman on the right Steve Graham were the organizers of the bonspiel.

2017 Masters Draw 1

The championship team was also from the Fergus Curling Club consisting of L to R: lead Bob Hook, vice-skip Dave Freure, skip Jake van der Valk and second Bruse Hawkins. John Kitching who organized the day is on the left.

Photo: Bill Longshaw


2015 Results

2015 Giddy

L to R: Casey deBoer, Cam Pike skip, Bruce Kaufman vise-skip, Alan Ferguson second, and Murray Gold. Lead was Lloyd Ross who had to leave early, From Harriston Curling Club.


2014 Results

Giddy 2014: 1

Overall winners from Guelph Curling Club and winners of the first draw L to R: Rick Avery, Jerry Lassanine, Cliff Acton, Murray Woods and Casey deBoer.

Giddy 2014: 2

Winners of the second draw L to R: Bob Allan, Bob Crane, Dave Proctor, Wayne Davidson and Lloyd Ross


2013 Results

Giddy 2013

Curlers in the masters class took to the ice in the Giddy Masters Bonspiel at the Fergus Curling Club. When the last rock was thrown there was a tie for overall championship. At 371/2 points it was decided that all 8 names should go on the trophy. This doesn't happen very often. In the larger photo is one champion skipped by Sam Harrop and the inset photo shows the other champion team skipped by John Pettit. Large Photo L to R: Lloyd Ross the event organizer, Dave Pero, Sam Harrop, Bob Grant, Graham Giddy sponsor of the event and Casey deBoer scorekeeper. Inset photo L toR: Dave Freure, John Pettit, Herman Webers and Jim Marsland. Congratulations to both teams.



2012 Results


2012 Giddy Draw 1

First Draw Winners

John Klapwyck (lead)
John Kitching (vice)
Jake Van der Valk (skip)
Don Noels (second)

from the Fergus Curling Club


2012 Giddy Draw 2

Second Draw and Trophy Winners

George Loney (vice)
Ken Weeks (lead)
Lloyd Ross (organizer)
Sam Harrop (skip)
Bruce Hawkins (second)
Casey DeBoer (scorekeeper)

from the Fergus Curling Club


2010 Results

masters2010 1

 Trophy winners: George Loney (vice), Lloyd Ross (coordinator), Dave Pero (lead), Bruce Hawkins (second), Sam Harrop (skip)


2008 Results

 masters2008 1

 Champions are L to R: Dean Duffield, Phil Kidston, Dave Bauer, Russ Spicer and Casey deBoer who organized the event of the Fergus Curling Club

 masters2008 2

Winner of the first draw are L to R: Howard Crawford, Ron Beattie, Chuck Wehner, and Ed Kaczorowski of the Guelph Curling Club


2007 Results

masters2007 1

Winners of the bonspiel from Guelph Country Club

L to R: Lloyd Ross host, Grant Sinclair, Roy MacMillan, Paul Knight, and Ed Davis

masters2007 2

Second Draw Winners L to R: John Anderson, John Campbell, Paul Langdon, and Murray Becker


2006 Results

winners 2006
Overall winners L to R: Ken Cooper host, John Pettit, Dave Duthie, Don Brown, Ken Hutchinson

Second draw winners
Winners of second draw R to L: Dave Bauer, Gary Waterhouse, John Klapwyk, and Jake van der Valk


2004 Results


masters2004 1
Winner of first draw
l to r:John Atcheson, Bob Rann,Cliff Simmons, Sam Cameron from the Galt Curling Club
masters2004 2
Winner of second draw and overall winner l to r:
Lloyd Ross(host), Ed Radcliffe, Stan Stitts, Amsey Weber, Derek Pass from the Elmira Curling Club


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