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Honourary Life Members

Neil Fergusson Blair, Dr. Stewart, George Fergusson, The Hon. Adam Fergusson, John Mills, John Thompson
Thos. G. Greenham, Alex Hamilton, James Cannon, John Bondy, Peter Young, David Foote, Wm. Black, Gilbert H. Todd
Alex Harvey, A.D.Ferrier, Thos. Watson, John Cadenhead, Andrew Forrester, James Wilson, F.J.Chadwick, Dr. Geo. T. Orton, John Beattie, Adam Brown M.P., James Muir Q.C., James Wilson, Wm. Hamilton, Henry Michie, J.W.Green-Armytage, M.Anderson, Peter Grieve
John Anderson, J.D.Mitchie, D.J.Slater, J.B.Wilson, J.W.Steele, J.D.P.Rogers, J.C.Morrow, Rev. H.G.MacVickers
J.K.Richardson, J.B.Perry, Dr. John Steele, Cap. John Dick, Wa.A.Richardson, J.G.Wilson, Ed Stone, Gerry Brownridge, Lew Sargent, Geo. Clark, John McCullogh, R.Brownsell, Alf Dass, Re. R.W.Craw, J.B.Brown, Wm Murphy, Geo. Graham, Jay Michie, Jas Mennie, Harry Michie, Alex Mennie, Thos. Slater, Chas. Hynds, Geo. Skee, Alex Brownridge, Hugh Guthrie M.P., Paul Munroe M.P.P., Dr. McQuibban, Rev. Geo. McDonald, Geo. Templin, Frank Sargent, Ed McIntyre, Wm. Phillips, Dr. Pickering, Dr. H.W.Baker, E.C.Batchelu, M.Lemon, Brock McHauley, J.McIver, Dr. Robertson, Dr. J.McGregor, Dr. Howes, G.S.Pearcy, B.Perry, Bob Gilbreath, G.P.Allen, Russ Hall, J.R.Clark, Jas. Anderson, Wes Ham, T.J.Hamilton
Dr. Armstrong, W.G.Beatty, A.C.Steele, J.B.Bayne, C.Mattaini, T.Muir, Jas. Steele, J.Michie, C.E.Fleming, John Graham, J.H.Alpaugh, J.J.Rutherford, C.E.Codling, W.B.Howes, A.D.McLennan, Rev. W.A.Young, A.D.Huthinson, Richard Jackson, Jas. J. Howard, Sims J. Howard, O.B.Brown, Tom Tippen, D.Jackson, Ernie Butler, Earle Wilde, L.P.Menzies, Mel Dunn, W.M.Sloan, L.Sargent, Gage Campbell
James Wells, Wes Wallace, Bill Hayes, Don Johnson, George Thomas, Harry Burr, Bill Taylor, Dalton Lindsay
Ladies: Millie Hartley, Muriel Jeffrey, Eva Wilson
Emery Nelson, Cec. Wolfe, Jack Johnson M.P.P., Sam Harrop, Gordon Brown, R.J.(Barnie) Ritchie, I.(Tillie) Sargent, Howard Magwood
Hector MacKenzie, Bruce Skeoch, Allan Smeltzer
Dave Duthie, John Jefferson, William Aitchison
Bruce Oldfield
Mary Aitchison, Doreen Howatt, Annie Proctor, Russell Woods
John Campbell, Casey deBoer, Bill Rowe
Chris Taylor, George Loney, John Pettit
Bob Gear, Carl Grey
Lloyd Ross
Gloria Laythorpe, Ed Weaver, Ron Weaver
Lynda Waterhouse

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Upcoming Events

Empty Bottle & Aluminum Can collection
2023-06-21 5:00 PM
Empty Bottle & Aluminum Can collection
2023-07-19 5:00 PM
Empty Bottle & Aluminum Can collection
2023-08-16 5:00 PM
Empty Bottle & Aluminum Can collection
2023-09-06 5:00 PM
Curling 101 / Adult Learn to curl
2023-10-14 9:00 AM

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About The Club

The Fergus Curling Club was established in 1834 and has operated every year since making it the oldest continuously operating curling club in Ontario.

We are a four sheet club of 260 members. There is a club room, bar, kitchen, and locker rooms. Much of the work around the club is voluntary with the exception of ice-making and caretaking.

The club is managed by a nine person board of directors elected annually from the general membership.

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