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Membership Fees

Itemized Fee Schedule

Membership Type
Playing in 1 league
Playing in 2 leagues
Playing in 3+ leagues
New Adult Member (per session) *
Returning Adult Curling in 3 Sessions *
Returning Adult Per Session *
Building Fund  *
   (charged once per season to players over the age of 21 - includes returning and new curlers)
Other Membership Types
U12 or U21
U21 Curling in Adult Leagues
Replacement Name Tag
* HST extra for these items.

Payments can be made by e-transfer, cheque or credit card.  Additional charge will apply if paying by credit card.

Payment options available, if required. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How to make the most of your curling fees

Play in more than one league.  The cost per game significantly reduces when you play in more leagues.

Pay by e-transfer - not by credit card.  

Register for all sessions you want to play in at the same time.  

Why are the fees increasing?

The club has brought in just enough revenue to cover the clubs costs or has been just short of covering costs for the past several years. Thankfully, COVID government money has filled the financial gap. Our goal as a non profit organization is to bring in enough money to cover our costs and have a little left over “just in case”, which explains this year’s fee increase.

Where do your fees go?

 Expenses Covered by Registration Fees 1

 OCA/CCA fees are over and above the expenses noted in the chart.


What is the Building Fund? 

We are renaming our Capital Fund to the Building Fund.  These funds will continue to be our ‘rainy day’ fund which will help to cover unexpected expenses - like repairs/replacement to the compressor the ice team uses to make and maintain our ice, repairs or replacement to the bar fridge or any capital type expense that we cannot cover with our membership fees.

Who Are New Adult Members?

New adult members are those who have never been members of the Fergus Curling Club before.  As a new member, you can curl in as many leagues in each session as you wish.  Also included is a name tag.

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Upcoming Events

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Curling 101 / Adult Learn to curl
2023-10-14 9:00 AM

League Schedules

League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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About The Club

The Fergus Curling Club was established in 1834 and has operated every year since making it the oldest continuously operating curling club in Ontario.

We are a four sheet club of 260 members. There is a club room, bar, kitchen, and locker rooms. Much of the work around the club is voluntary with the exception of ice-making and caretaking.

The club is managed by a nine person board of directors elected annually from the general membership.

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