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Club Champions 2018

champ2019 monam

Mon. Morning Men

Gary Watt, second
Harold Plue, vice
Jake van der Valk, skip
Wilf Champerlain, lead

champ2019 monam

Mon. Afternoon Women

Donna Bessey, skip (sparing for Peggy Kenny)
Gladys Gallagher, vice
Hilary Robinson, lead
Linda Bratton, second

champ2019 monam

Mon. Evening Mixed

Chris Laitar, lead
Teaghan Laitar, second
Tania Elliott, vice
Bill Colwill, skip

champ2019 monam

Tue. Evening Men

Brian Vink, lead
Steve Otto, second
Jim Farquharson, vice
Rick Marshall, skip

champ2019 monam

Wed. Evening Women

Gwen Simms, lead
Shannon Brinkman, second
Linda Baker, vice
Sheri Smeltzer, skip

champ2019 monam

Thu. Morning Men

Lorne Wilson, second
Frank Stillo, skip
Ray Mudge, vice
Peter Thuerig, lead

champ2019 monam

Thu. Evening Skip's Choice

Dave Artymko, lead
Bryce McGowen, second
Derek Roberts, vice
Rick Marshall, skip

champ2019 monam

Fri. Evening Mixed

Dawna Laitar, lead
Shannon Curran, skip
Marilyn Curry, vice
Chris Laitar, second


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About The Club

The Fergus Curling Club was established in 1834 and has operated every year since making it the oldest continuously operating curling club in Ontario.

We are a four sheet club of 260 members. There is a club room, bar, kitchen, and locker rooms. Much of the work around the club is voluntary with the exception of ice-making and caretaking.

The club is managed by a nine person board of directors elected annually from the general membership.