Past Board of Directors


2017-18Krista PedersenLynda WaterhouseSteve Graham
2016-17Les HunterLynda WaterhouseGraham Parsons
2015-16Janet ToltonLynda WaterhouseGraham Parsons
2014-15Kevin CurranJohn PettitGraham Parsons
2013-14Fred HunterJohn PettitGraham Parsons
2012-13John AndersonJohn PettitGraham Parsons
2011-12John AndersonJohn PettitGraham Parsons
2010-11Chris TaylorJohn PettitJudy Moore
2009-10Lynda WaterhouseJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2008-09Dean DunbarJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2007-08Gloria LaythorpeJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2006-07Tom KellyJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2005-06Cheryl BennettJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2004-05Bob GearJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2003-04Dave LeslieJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2002-03Tom MulveyJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2001-02Dr. Bob BeerJohn PettitGeorge Loney
2000-01Dianne LindseyJohn PettitGeorge Loney
1999-2000Gary DarrochJohn PettitGeorge Loney
1998-99Barry TurnerJohn PettitGeorge Loney
1997-98Bill RoweJohn PettitGeorge Loney
1996-97Bill RoweLloyd MacQueenFred Robins
1995-96Ken HutchinsonAllan SmeltzerFred Robins
1994-95Neil LindseyAllan SmeltzerFred Robins
1993-94Carl GrayAllan SmeltzerFred Robins
1992-93George LoneyAllan SmeltzerJohn Campbell
1991-92Bob McConnellAllan SmeltzerJohn Campbell
1990-91Rick MatschkeAllan SmeltzerJohn Campbell
1989-90Bill CoishAllan SmeltzerJohn Campbell
1988-89Jim DysonAllan SmeltzerJohn Campbell
1987-88John CampbellAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1986-87Al MacGregorAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1985-86John McFadzeanAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1984-85Elton DarrochAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1983-84Jeff WoodAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1982-83Richard WrightAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1981-82Floyd SwiftAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1980-81John JeffersonAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1979-80Bill TaylorAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1978-79Tom MayAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1977-78Bert BarkerAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1976-77Dr. Bruce OldfieldAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1975-76Bruce SkeochAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1974-75Sam HarropAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1973-74Ken WoodhouseAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1972-73Russell WoodsAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1971-72George ThomasAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1970-71George ClarkeAllan SmeltzerHoward Magwood
1969-70Gordon HowardEarle WildeHoward Magwood
1968-69Harry FendleyJames W. PearsonHoward Magwood
1967-68Bill BarkerJames W. PearsonHoward Magwood
1966-67Casey deBoerJames W. PearsonHoward Magwood
1965-66Lorenze FatumHoward MagwoodHoward Magwood
1964-65William G. Pearson / William ClaytonAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1963-64William G. PearsonAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1962-63G. Ernie ButlerAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1961-62William HurlbutAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1960-61Lorne RobinsonAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1959-60Harris Steele / R. J. (Barnie) RitchieAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1958-59Tom TippinAngus MunroHoward Magwood
1957-58Lloyd AndersonL. P. MenziesC. Wright
1956-57Irwin (Tillie) SargentL. P. MenziesT. H. Snyder
1955-56Harry CassieL. P. MenziesT. H. Snyder
1954-55Sims McLeanL. P. MenziesT. H. Snyder
1953-54Charles T. BennettL. P. MenziesT. H. Snyder
1952-53Rennie CaldwellL. P. MenziesW. Beacom
1951-52Eugene LandoniL. P. MenziesW. Beacom
1950-51Gage CampbellL. P. MenziesW. Beacom
1949-50James J. Howard St.L. P. MenziesHarry Johnston


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