2019 Club Champions

Monday Morning Men
Monday Seniors 400

Ray Mudge skip,
John Matheson second,
Ron Weaver vice,
Barry Scott lead

Monday Afternoon Women
Monday Ladies 400

Chris Taylor skip,
Audrey Holmes lead,
Gladys Gallagher vice,
Kayla Cozzarin second

Monday Evening Mixed
Monday Mixed 400

Marie Williams vice,
Joe Brooks lead,
Chris Laitar second,
Brian Gibbon skip

Tuesday Mixed Doubles
Mixed Doubles 400

Bryce McGowan and Roberta Colwill

Tuesday Men
Tuesday Men 400

Brian Vink lead,
Brian Clark skip,
Chris Williams vice,
Kyle Powell second who curled for Bernie Seigmund

Wednesday Evening Women
Wednesday Ladies 400

Shannon Brinkman second,
Sheri Smetlzer skip,
Jayne MacKenzie vice,
Carolyn Brown lead

Thursday Morning Men
Thursday Seniors 400

Alan Ferguson second,
Al Kenny skip,
Jim Carter vice,
Wilf Christopher lead

Thursday Skip's Choice
Thursday Skips Choice 400

Andy Blackmore lead,
Shawn Hamblin skip,
David Miller second,
Ryan Player vice

Friday Evening Mixed
Friday Social 400

Laurie Garner vice,
Linda Vinette lead,
Calum McGeachie skip,
Denis Vinette second


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