2018 Club Champions

Monday Morning Men
Monday Morning Senior 400

Gary Watt, second
Harold Plue, vice
Jake van der Valk, skip
Wilf Champerlain, lead

Monday Afternoon Women
Monday Afternoon Ladies 400

Donna Bessey, skip (sparing for Peggy Kenny)
Gladys Gallagher, vice
Hilary Robinson, lead
Linda Bratton, second

Monday Evening Mixed
Monday Night Mixed 400

Chris Laitar, lead
Teaghan Laitar, second
Tania Elliott, vice
Bill Colwill, skip

Tuesday Men
Tuesday Night Men 400

Brian Vink, lead
Steve Otto, second
Jim Farquharson, vice
Rick Marshall, skip

Wednesday Evening Women
Wednesday Night Ladies 400

Gwen Simms, lead
Shannon Brinkman, second
Linda Baker, vice
Sheri Smeltzer, skip

Thursday Morning Men
Thursday Morning Senior 400

Lorne Wilson, second
Frank Stillo, skip
Ray Mudge, vice
Peter Thuerig, lead

Thursday Skip's Choice
Thursday Night Skips Choice 400

Dave Artymko, lead
Bryce McGowen, second
Derek Roberts, vice
Rick Marshall, skip

Friday Evening Mixed
Friday PM Mixed 400

Dawna Laitar, lead
Shannon Curran, skip
Marilyn Curry, vice
Chris Laitar, second


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