2017 Club Champions

Monday Morning Men
Mon AM 400

Bob Fleischauer, lead
Gary Watt, second
Bruce Hawkins, third
Al Kenny, skip

Monday Afternoon Women
Mon Afternoon 400

Sue Graham, skip
Betty Black, vice
Bonnie Christopher, second
Audrey Holmes, lead

Monday Evening Mixed
Mon Evening 400

Heather Bailey, lead
Roger Holms, second
Crysten Miller, skip
Neil Miller, vice

Tuesday Men
Tue Evening 400

Rick Marshall, skip
Lorne Wilson, second
Randy English, lead
Kevan Curran, vice

Wednesday Evening Women
Wed Evening 400

Shannon Brinkman, lead
Shannon Smeltzer, skip
Kim McCaw, second
Sue Otto, vice

Thursday Morning Men
Thu AM 400

Russ Spicer, vice
Albert Hoffman, lead
Lorne Wilson, second
John Kitching, spare
Paul Rombeek, skip

Thursday Skip's Choice
Thu Evening 400

Rick Marshall, skip
Derek Roberts, vice
Bryce McGowen, second
Dave Artymko, lead

Friday Evening Mixed
Fri Evening 400

Katrina Gordon, lead
Roger Holmes, second
Steve Otto, vice
Mark Landoni, skip


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