Who Does What

Ice Avon Giddings  
Building Kevin Curran  
Kitchen Carl Grey  
Bar Debbie Burtt  
Bonspiels Mark Cripps  
Communication Krista Pedersen / Janet Tolton  
Games Greg Moulton  
   Monday Mixed Bob Hook / Tania Elliott  
   Monday Senior Men George Loney / John Pettit  
   Monday Afternoon Ladies Donna Bessey / Linda Baker  
   Tuesday AM Doubles Donna Bessey / Peggy Kenny  
   Tuesday Men Bob Beer  
   Tuesday Night Doubles Greg Moulton  
   Wed Mixed Chris Taylor  
   Wed Ladies Karen McMillan / Jayne MacKenzie  
   Thursday Senior Men Frank Stillo / Alan Ferguson  
   Skip's Choice Clayton Boucher  
   Friday Mixed Calum McGeachie / Mike Baker  
   Juniors Neil Miller  
   Little Rocks Lynda Waterhouse / Neil Miller / Calum McGeachie  
Membership Bonnie Talbot           
Newsletter Lynda Waterhouse  
Publicity / Advertising Avon Giddings  
Rentals Bonnie Talbot (primary), Jim Carter, Ray Mudge (Board Liaison)  
Sponsorship Avon Giddings  
Pro Shop Gary Waterhouse  
Volunteer Coordinator Dora Hook  
OCA Rep Shannon Curran / Steph Matthews  


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